Midori 003 Plain Insert Notebook

Good Afternoon,

For my second post I am going to be looking at one of the Midori Inserts.

This notebook is one of the ones that comes with the Midori system when you purchase the regular sized Midori Traveler's Notebook system (more on that later and the set up I have).

The insert is blank and takes fountain pen in very well, with drying times being fairly good.  Though this does depend on the wetness of flow of your pen.  I was using Pelikan fountain pen and the drying times for that only took just over 10 seconds.

The paper shows the variations with the ink as you write and does not seem to 'suck' the ink out of the nib, as some paper can do.

The only downside that I have found is that you can see the writing through the paper when you look at the other side, that said, there is no bleed through of the ink from one side to another, therefore as soon as you started writing on the blank side the pervious sides writing would be less of a contrast.

The cover is brown card and can either be kept as it is or embellished in any way you may want.  The sturdiness of the cover means that you can glue, paint and just generally stick things to the outside without the fear of the cover warping hugely.

There is a first cover page in the insert, which reminds me of an old book, that is just waiting for the title of the books to be embossed on it.

The size and length of the insert means that you can make a good amount of notes before having to turn the page, which is one of the things that has made the Travellers' Notebook so popular, big-ish pages with out having to have something as big as an A5 book.

Technical specs:

64 pages
MD paper
Stitch Bound

Disclaimer:  This insert is my own and was purchased by me.


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